Prince William and Kate Middleton deliberately snub Meghan Markle amid feud

Meghan Markle seemingly faced a royal cold shoulder as her 42nd birthday passed on Friday without public acknowledgment from certain royal family members.

Royal commentator, Hilary Fordwich, told Daily Mail that the absence of birthday wishes, particularly from Prince William and Kate Middleton, might be intentional.

Tensions between the Sussexes and the Royal Family have been evident since Meghan and Harry stepped back from their senior royal duties in 2020.

Although Meghan has received birthday wishes during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, it seems the royal family’s current approach is to only publicly acknowledge the birthdays of active working members on their official social media.

Fordwich believes that while Prince Charles might be sticking to established traditions, Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t as bound by them.

“The clear absence of birthday wishes from Prince William and Kate is notable since they are not strictly tied by royal protocol,” she said. “Just last year, they shared birthday greetings for Meghan on their social media platforms.”

She added that while King Charles may continue to follow the precedent set by Queen Elizabeth II, he does have the latitude to change or adapt it. The silence, she noted, suggests a strained relationship with Meghan.

Interestingly, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are active on social media and posted on Meghan’s birthday, it wasn’t about her. Instead, they extended their congratulations to the creators of the documentary ‘Rhino Man.’