Claudia Li Ready To Wear Spring Collection 2021

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Li zeroed in on reconciling fantasy with wearable fashion and an outlook toward future days spent outside.

Unlike some designers so far who have focused on leisure for home, Claudia Li has zeroed in on reconciling fantasy with wearable fashion with an outlook toward future days spent outside. She injected a bold shot of neon color and sparkle into her brand of offbeat charm, livening up outerwear and shirtdresses featuring her signature slouchy rounded shoulders.

Titled “Till We Meet Again,” she played to the emotion behind isolation, where self-reflection led to thoughts about the surreal nature behind her wedding last year, which translated in the collection to a completely sheer yellow tulle version of her wedding gown and a neon jacquard organza dress that was originally meant to be white-on-white. If not boldly colored or shiny, pieces were indeed white, as in a posh half-pleated poplin shirtdress that served to tame the loudness elsewhere.

The boldness of her collection was twofold: first, to bridge the gap between fantasy and real clothes; second, to make a statement and be heard at a time when the industry is holding conversations about long overdue changes. “Why not?” Li said. “It’s time to speak my mind.”

Even with conceptual elements in seasons past, spring felt more fun, lightweight and uplifting. A cool jumpsuit cut in iridescent lamé was a highlight of the shinier pieces, while sequined pieces with a sparkler print begged to be looked at. “Here’s the collection I want to wear when I get out of here,” Li added. “Before this, would I wear a full on sparkly suit out on the street? Probably not. But after this? Probably yes.”