4 Tips For Dressing for a First Date

First Date Dressing
First Date Dressing

A first date is exciting and terrifying all at once. There’s so much anticipation and simultaneous excitement about whether this might be the person you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life! As such, one of the most important questions that many people find themselves facing before a first date is what they’re going to wear!

In truth, what you wear will play a substantial role in your overall first impression. To help you, here are some of the best tips for looking your best on a first date.

Dress Comfortably

Initially, if you really have high hopes about the date you may want to go “over the top” with your fashion. However, dressing comfortably is even more important! Regardless of how good you look, if you’re struggling, feeling uncomfortable, or just plain awkward, it’s not going to do you any favors on making a good first impression.

So, when choosing your outfit, always remember to keep comfort in mind. From your clothing to your accessories, make sure that you keep comfort in mind. The last thing you want to do is feel self-conscious because you’re hauling around ill-fitting clothing or feeling overly accessorized.

Consider the Location

The kind of clothes you wear on your first date will ultimately depend on where your date is. For example, if you’re meeting in a bowling alley, you’re probably going to want to wear something more on the casual side. Whereas if you are eating at a 5-star Michelin restaurant, you probably want to go more formal. In other words, your outfit should be appropriate for whatever location you plan on going otherwise, you could find yourself downright feeling out of place.

Let Your Outfit Reflect Your Personality

You have a personality—let it shine! Wear a T-shirt with your favorite band on it, or wear a neon-colored pair of shoes. Heck— wear a wig if it’s your thing! On the flip side, if you’re someone who’s pretty reserved, don’t be afraid to wear something more on the reserved side.

Wear an outfit that matches who you truly are. At the end of the day, that’s exactly what clothing is made for. It’s an expression of who we are on the inside, so make sure it matches your inner self.

Take a Shower

This may seem pretty straightforward and basic to many people, however, you’d be surprised how many people neglect this on a first date! Grooming is incredibly important if you hope to make a good impression.

Even if you’ve had a busy day and the last thing you feel like doing is going home and taking a shower, do yourself (and your date) a favor and clean your body. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll smell a lot better too, which will probably be greatly appreciated by your date.