Donald Trump launches sneaker line after record fine

Donald Trump sneaker line
Donald Trump sneaker line

Former US President Donald Trump has turned to fashion capitalism to potentially cover the mounting legal fees and fines following a New York judge’s ruling that he must pay 364 million dollars for obscuring his true wealth.

Launching a sneaker named Never Surrender, Trump’s high-top style is adorned with a red sole, gold leather body featuring a prominent ‘T’ logo, and a stars-and-stripes motif at the collar. Priced at 399 dollars and released in a limited edition of 1,000 pairs, the shoe was unveiled at last week’s Sneaker Con in Philadelphia.

Marketed as a collector’s item, the brand’s website describes the sneakers as intended for “go-getters who don’t know the word quit.” With a striking gold finish and a ‘T’ badge, these kicks are positioned for true Patriots. Adorned with an American flag on the collar, they serve as a rallying cry for the brave and free.”

On its e-comeerce website the Never Surrender shoes quickly sold out, prompting resellers on eBay to re-list them from 500 dollars for bidding to 20,000 dollars for a buy-it-now option.

What Trump may not have envisioned is that the design may face potential copyright issues from luxury footwear brand Christian Louboutin, known for his red-soled shoe motif, which is a registered trademark in the US for various product categories.

The Fashion Law suggests Trump’s use of the red sole could lead to trademark infringement and brand dilution, stating that “Trump’s use of the (infringing) red sole does not only diminish the public’s perception of its mark but that the reputation of the red sole mark is being harmed through association with Trump.”

In addition to sneakers, Trump’s website offers a cologne and perfume called Victory47. The fragrances are described as embodying “strength and success” and positioned as part of President Trump’s exclusive line, targeting the “decisive and bold.” Mr Trump would need to sell more than 3,5 million units to cover his fines.