Spaces to Add More Flowers to your Wedding

Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers

There isn’t space for you to add flowers?

No matter how many times you rearrange the lily centerpieces, it is still not enough.

Are you a floral lover and think the vibrancy of those soft petals can make everything better?

Then you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will be giving some of the best places you can add floral decor to your wedding if it is still not enough.

After all, it is your wedding, and no one should be telling you it is enough unless you believe it to be enough. So, throw a blind eye to everyone who is complaining about “too many floral arrangements,” and stick with your plan.
So, without any further ado, let’s get into more spaces you can add flowers into.

Wedding Is Equal To Floral Arrangements

Of course, it is your only chance to play with the freshest blooms out there. Especially if you are planning for a spring wedding, this is your chance to fulfill that spring garden wedding fantasy.

Here is how you can add more to the picture.

Powder Rooms & Bathrooms

Sometimes it is the intricacy and attention to detail which matters. It is not always about what’s on the overt and on the view of the guest when they enter. If your wedding is a floral wonderland, then every corner and space should emulate similar sentiments.
Another place you can add decadent floral arrangements is powder rooms and bathrooms. Guests wouldn’t expect to be surprised with beautiful gardenias and pansies beside the box of tissue.

They definitely wouldn’t be expecting an arrangement right inside the stalls (you can make some room for a few wildflowers). It will make them appreciate your attention to detail to stick to the theme. Get the best same day flower delivery for the freshest bouquets on your special day.

Wedding Cake

Bet you weren’t expecting this!

If you really want to be attuned to the theme, go for a gorgeously decorated white wedding cake with edible and decorative flowers everywhere. You can even go for a quirky choice and order a three-tier clear cake with an artful mural of a floral decoration within.

Do not panic; no matter how awed and amazed your guests are by the decoration itself, the cake is perfectly edible. You can eventually cut it into pieces and offer them to your guests.

On Your Dress

Not very unconventional, depending on how far you can go. Why not have a train made with artificially hand-sewn roses rather than the plain silk ones which almost everyone is wearing?

Rather than a plain or lace off-shoulder hemline around your décolletage, you can add a floral one with individual flowers again sewn into it.

Do not go for a crystal hair comb to hold your hair up; rather, go for a floral one. You can even ask your bridesmaids to add some form of floral decoration to their attire as well.
Now, this might be a little cheesy, but if you are into it, do not go full prom mode and get an extravagant boutonnière for everyone. Yes, even the guests, but do not force them to wear it.

Floral Backdrop

Not just satisfied with the floral chuppah? Why not add a floral backdrop to the ceremonial stand? However, this might be going a little overboard for some. Thus, manage the colors properly.

Try to go for roses, as they are subtle and don’t take much time to settle in someone’s vision. If you are going for another flower, ensure the colors do not clash with the chuppah. Since it is a backdrop, always look for lighter-colored flowers.

Advantages Of A Floral Wedding!

A floral wedding offers a plethora of advantages that enhance the celebration’s beauty and significance.

Firstly, flowers symbolize love, purity, and new beginnings, setting the perfect tone for the couple’s journey together.

The vibrant colors and fragrances create a visually stunning and sensory experience, leaving lasting impressions on guests.

Floral arrangements infuse elegance and grace into the venue, transforming any space into a magical garden.

Moreover, they provide endless creative possibilities, allowing personalization and reflecting the couple’s unique style. Flowers also promote a sense of tranquility and joy, uplifting the atmosphere and fostering a positive and memorable ambiance for everyone involved.