Dressing For a Wedding: Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding Dressing
Wedding Dressing

It’s exciting when you get invited to a wedding! After all, it’s a joyous occasion and celebration that you have the honor of being invited to. However, as a guest, it’s important that you dress for the occasion.

Yet, if you’ve never been invited to a wedding before, you may be lost as to what to wear. After all, there are many things to consider from the theme to the time of year. Fear not— here are some of the most important do’s and don’ts to help you avoid any awkward faux pas that could be downright embarrassing for the bride and groom when they make their entrance.

DO Know the Dress Code

Make sure that you read the wedding invitation carefully and understand any dress codes that have been requested. Usually, dress codes range from formal to semi-formal. In very rare cases the bride and groom may choose to go with a completely original theme like Disney. This is why it’s so important to ask questions and read the invitation carefully. Being the only guest who dresses differently from the rest could be an awkward experience, to say the least.

DON’T Forget Comfort

Despite how great you may look in something, it doesn’t always guarantee they’re going to be comfortable. You want to wear something that won’t squeeze you in all the wrong places, or be difficult to dance in. Remember, after the actual ceremony, most likely you’re going to be attending the reception which is all about dancing and conversing. Make sure that you find something that won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable or in pain after a few hours of wear.

DO Consider the Location

When choosing your outfit it’s important that you consider the location and conditions of where the wedding will be taking place. For example, if the wedding is taking place on the beach, then you probably don’t want to wear a three-piece suit or stiletto heels. (There are certain things that just don’t mix well with sand!)

Instead, you would want to go with a light and breathable fabric and sensible shoes that you can walk comfortably in on the beach. Beach wedding or not, the weather will certainly come into play when choosing your attire, as the last thing you want to do is be too cold or hot for the occasion.

DON’T Wear White

Unless it’s specifically dubbed a white party, wearing white to a wedding is considered a big no-no. Why? Because the bride is the one who is supposed to be the one in white! This is particularly important for female guests. If you show up to a wedding wearing white, it may be seen as you stealing the spotlight from the bride. When in doubt, always ask, but it’s usually better to opt for color rather than white.